Hi there.

I am currenty working on this site. Here, you will learn more about my projects, skills and interests! Stay tuned, it is going to be amazing. Feel free to hit me up on social media if you have anything to say!

My projects.

My portfolio site

I really needed a new website, and this right here is what I came up with. For me, the best way to b...

My skills.

Mobile Development

I'm really confident developing apps using Flutter. Flutter is just amazing, since it enables you to develop apps for mobile, web and desktop with only one codebase.

Web Development

This portfolio website itself was developed using Next.js and Tailwind CSS, which is really amazing. Those two tools help with developing websites fast.

Game Development

I am passionate about gaming, so one of the first domains of development I started with was game development. I love creating games using Unity and C#.

Backend Development

Most of the time, I use Google's Firebase for my projects, but I also have a pretty decent understanding of backend development using Django.


I really love designing. Tools like Figma enable you to quickly bring your ideas to life. There's something really relaxing and satisfying about designing products.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is probably one of the most popular topics in the devloper community. It's amazingly powerful and I really enjoy learning it. It's pretty cool to teach your computer to read handwritten digits or decide wether an image shows a cat or a dog.


I'm not the best when it comes to electronics, but I had a time when I worked with an Arduino multiple hours a day. It's really satisfying to put your own hardware parts together and bring them to life with a bit of code.


In my opinion, knowing how to use Google is a skill. Over the time I became very good at using Google, so I think it's important to have that skill here.